2013 Michael Chen大学助学金中心-华夏中文学校教学研讨会暨教师年会开始网上注册

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2013 Michael Chen大学助学金中心 - 夏中文学校



2013 Michael Chen College FinAid Group - Huaxia Chinese School

Teachers Conference


November 16 and 17, 2013

DoubleTree by Hilton Somerset Hotel and Conference Center

200 Atrium Drive, Somerset, New Jersey




1.      Announcement


Huaxia Chinese School (HXCS) will hold its annual Teachers Conference on November 16 and 17, 2013 at DoubleTree by Hilton Somerset Hotel and Conference Center, 200 Atrium Drive, Somerset, New Jersey, 08873. (http://tinyurl.com/lw7qpmj)


Established in 1995 as a non-profit organization, HXCS is dedicated to teaching Chinese language (Mandarin) and Chinese culture using simplified Chinese characters and Pin Yin (Chinese phonic system). Being the largest of its kind in the United States, the school consists of 20 branches, serving over 7,000 students in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. For more information about HXCS, please visit our web site at www.hxcs.org.

This will be the third year in a row for Huaxia to hold the conference in two day format. The previous two conferences were very well received by HXCS teachers and attendees from other educational institutions alike. With nearly 400 people attending each year, the conference has become a must-go event for people interested in Chinese teaching across the country.


We will offer the same high quality programs over the two day period. This year’s theme will be around the enrichment of cultural elements and enhancement of classroom teaching skills. Speakers will include many renowned education experts and experienced teachers. There will also be plenty of opportunities for attendees to socialize and exchange ideas. By giving considerations to people who need to travel long distance, the conference will start on Saturday afternoon, and end on Sunday afternoon.


Whether you are a teacher of weekend Chinese school or at a school district, a curriculum director, an administrator, a private tutor, or a parent of Chinese learning students, this event will bring you up-to-date on recent development and best practices in teaching Chinese language and culture. We sincerely hope you will join us for the two days of intense while fun-filled activities.


2.      Tentative Program Schedule (Official Programs and Schedule will be published prior to the event at www.hxcs.org)


Top of Form

11/16 (Sat)Bottom of Form



1:00 PM



2:00-2:30 pm



2:30-2:50 pm


2:50-4:50 pm



5:00-6:00 pm


VIP Reception

5:00 pm







11/17 (Sun)



6:30-8:00 am



8:30-10:00 am





10:00-10:15 am


10:15-12:15 am



12:30-2:00 pm



2:00-3:30 pm



3:30-4 pm




3.      Tentative Plenary Session Speakers (will be updated at www.hxcs.org):








联合国总部中文组组长,China Institute 人文学会共同主席



美国Seton Hall大学语言、文学与文化系副教授、研究生项目主任



4. (Tentative) 华夏论坛论题

·         华夏发展前景和努力方向

·         中文教材的评估与选用

·         学生学习中文兴趣的培养

·         中文教学与标准化考试(HSK SAT II AP Chinese

·         华夏教学及管理经验交流

5. Tentative华夏专题发言选题

·         中文教学中老师与家长的互动

·         中文教学技巧(高、 低年级)

·         低年级汉语拼音教学与直观认字的比较

·         课外语言活动(演讲、辩论、诗歌比赛等)与中文教学

·         英语在中文教学中的作用

·         学生中文水平的评估

·         教案的准备及撰写

·         如何提高高年级学生的写作能力

·         中文语言教学与文化传播

·         中文语法教学


6.      Registration and Payments


  The organization committee of the 2013 Huaxia Chinese School Teachers Conference has designated a free Eventbrite web site (http://hxtc2013.eventbrite.com ) as its official online registration system.    Please refer to attachment 1 ― “Online Registration Guidelines and Payments Policy” for further instructions.   In case the online payment via PayPal® is not available to a prospective attendee or this announcement does not reach her/him before Oct. 15, 2013, offline registration and payment is still available for non-Huaxia individuals.  The registration form can be found in Attachment 2  ― “Offline Registration and Payment Form”


7.      Special notice (注意事项)


  • Children are not allowed in conference and dining rooms.








September 12, 2013


Attachment 1 ― Online Registration Guidelines and Payments Policy


            The organization committee of the 2013 Huaxia Chinese School Teachers Conference has designated a free Eventbrite web site (http://hxtc2013.eventbrite.com ) as its official online registration system.    This document stipulates all important relevant information.   For questions not covered here or problems encountered during online registration or payment, please email to 2013hxtc@gmail.com for further assistance.

I.            Registration Guidelines

Huaxia (HX) branches 

  1. All HX branches have to use Eventbrite as the exclusive on-line registration site.  No offline or onsite registrations are honored.
  2. A branch has to register all its participating teachers and staff members under the Organization name of “Huaxia” and specify its branch name. 
  3. To minimize the offline communication, prospective event participants from each branch should be registered by its single designated person to sign up/in at Eventbrite website above and handle the registration, cancelations and update of participant information.   The email of the designated person will be used by the organization committee to handle all possible registration issues.
  4. A branch-based registration invoice will be issued via email to the branch principal. Each branch should print out order tickets for all of its registered attendees and keep its own records besides the online registration system. 
  5. Checks are the only method of payment for HX branches.
  6. The quota for regular registration is 4% of the total non-adult student headcount of the 2013-2014 school year.


Non-Huaxia (HX) organization/ individuals

1.      The Organization name “Non-Huaxia” should be selected during online registration.

2.      PayPal® is the authorized third-party online system to be used for payment.

3.      Offline registrations are honored only as an auxiliary approach for exceptional cases where online payment via PayPal® is not available.   A payment check has to be mailed in time.

4.      A rejected check will result in an extra $30 charge or the cancellation of the related registration.

5.      No onsite registrations are honored.

VIP guests and invited speakers

            VIP guests and invited speakers are registered by Huaxia staff members.


1.      The Organization name “Sponsor” should be selected during online registration.

2.      Refer to sponsor contracts and contact Huaxia.

3.      No onsite registrations are honored.


II.            Important Dates and Payment Policy

Important dates

1.      On-line registration start:    Sept 14, 2013;

2.      On-line registration closure:   Oct 14, 2013;

3.      Regular registration:  on-line registration by Oct 14, 2103;  payment or off-line mail-in registration/payment postmarked by Oct 21, 2013;

4.      Late payment/registration: payment or off-line mail-in registration/payment postmarked from Oct 22, 2013  to Oct 28, 2013 ;

5.      Invalid registrations (for offline payment only, per postal stamp):  after Oct 28, 2013. 

6.      Online cancellation:  by Oct 14, 2013;

7.      Offline cancellation: by Oct 31, 2013;  email cancellation requests to: 2013hxtc@gmail.com.

Payment policy

1.      Checks payable to “Huaxia Chinese School” have to be postal-dated before Oct 21, 2013 to avoid late charges.   The checks are to be mailed to “Attn: 2013 HXTC,  15 Adams Court, Plainsboro, NJ 08536”.

2.      Payment checks postal-stamped from Oct 22 to Oct 28, 2013 will result in a late charge fee (See below).    All registrations with payment checks postal-stamped after Oct 28, 2013 are automatically cancelled.

3.      Registration fee schedule (per person)



(Double Occupancy Hotel Stay)


(Without Hotel Stay)

(Double Occupancy Hotel Stay)

(Without Hotel Stay)

1. Regular (within 4% HX quota, on-line Reg by 10/14,  and/or mail–in payment/registration postmarked by Oct 21, 2013)





2. HX over-quota Fee (if total attendees are above 4% of branch student count)


for those above 4%


for those above 5%


for those above 4%


for those above 5%



3. Late Registration Fee (payment or mail-in registration postmarked after Oct 21 but by Oct 28, 2013)





4. Additional Fee for Single Occupancy Hotel Stay






4.      2013 Huaxia Teachers Conference committee reserves the right to cancel any registration which does not pay full registration fee based on the fee schedule above which is in accordance with the "Important dates" and the "Payment policy".


III.            Offline Help

Please direct all your questions related to 2013 Huaxia Teachers Conference via email to 2013hxtc @gmail.com.


Attachment 2 ― Call for Paper


Attachment 3 ― Offline Registration and Payment Form